Observation platforms

A nature observation platform is planned as important features of each nature trail.

An observation platform was completed close to the common pasture in Hellmitzheim in spring 2013. It was built in the form of a huge stile and offers a view in the direction of the attractive rural Helmitzheimer Bucht to the north west as well as enabling visitors to see the common pasture and watch the cattle and deer grazing there.

Aussichtsplattform an der Hutung

The observation platform on the pasture.

This was followed in the summer of 2013 by a floating observation platform on the Wolfssee from which visitors can watch birds on and around the lake from a point actually on the water.

Schwimmplattform am Wolfssee

Floating observation platform on the Wolfssee

A further observation platform is planned next to the Coppiced Woodland Information Pavilion.